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TEPS 정기시험 적중률 90%
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 201341 번째 정기시험 분석 예시 청해 I 어휘 I 문법 I 독해
 2009년 11월호 월간텝스 LC 9번문제 
W: Hello, this is Lisa returning Andrew’s call.
M: _________________________________.
(a) I’ll tell him you’re here.
(b) It’s better to swing by my office.
(c) You can walk right in.
(d) OK, I’ll put you through to him.
정답 : (d)
*put A through to B : (전화상에서) A를 B에게 연결해주다
 It’s TEPS 완전개정판 LC p63_3 
M: Where is Mr. Jefferson’s office?
W: ___________________.
(a) It’s down the hall on your left.
(b) The office closes at 7.
(c) Right under you.
(d) Kevin is a good friend of mine.
정답 : (a)
*down the hall : 복도를 따라가다 보면 ~
 2011년 08월호 월간텝스 LC 45번문제 
M: We’re going to need gas soon.
W: How much do we have left?
M: Not much. I haven’t seen any signs, either.
W: There has to be some place on this road that has a gas station.
M: Check the map. Hopefully, there’s something.
W: I think there’s a town just ahead. It’s a small place, though.
M: Keep your fingers crossed. I hope we make it.
Q: What can be inferred from the conversation?
(a) There may not be a gas station at the next town.
(b) There is a gas station just ahead along the highway.
(c) There are no towns on that road for many miles.
(d) They are lost and far from any town.
정답 : (a)
*just ahead : 바로 앞에
 2007년 12월호 월간텝스 LC 51번문제 
The Opera Society is looking for an Education and Outreach Coordinator. This person is responsible for all education and outreach activities for the Opera Society including all programs with the local school system. The Education and Outreach Coordinator is also responsible to market the Opera Society and book tours and concerts. It is necessary that the candidate be highly organized with excellent communication skills. Knowledge of the opera and computers is a must. A background in teaching and marketing and promoting is also an asset. Interviews for this position will begin next week and the successful applicant will be contacted by telephone by the end of the month. We wish all of you the best of luck!
Q. What is the purpose of the talk?
(a) To promote the Opera Society.
(b) To recruit a staff.
(c) To reform the local school system.
(d) To teach children about the opera.
정답 : (b)
*a must : 필수 조건
 It’s TEPS 완전개정판 LC p134_1 
W: Clair’s been coming in late for the past two weeks and has been on the phone quite frequently.
M: You noticed as well. I’ve been meaning to discuss this issue with her.
W: Is she having problems at home?
M: I’m not sure but we certainly should inquire before we take any action against her.
W: Can you deal with this matter sooner rather than later?
M: I’ll talk to her when she gets in.
Q: What is the woman mainly doing?
(a) Arguing with the man about Clair.
(b) Scolding Clair for being tardy.
(c) Letting Clair go.
(d) Commenting on Clair’s poor attitude at work.
정답 : (d)
*I’ve been meaning to ~ : ~할 생각이었어요.
 김태희의 최신경향 TEPS 1200 LC p144_7 
W: I am so fed up with people who litter!
M: I know what you mean. And there’s really no reason for it as there are rubbish bins everywhere.
W: I went for a walk along the river and saw food wrappers, broken bottles, cigarette ends, take-out food packaging and even a dirty baby diaper. It was disgusting!
M: Wow, that really distracts from the natural beauty of the river, doesn’t it?
W: It sure does. Would you help me write a letter about this to the newspaper editor?
M: But what good will a letter do?
W: I’m hoping it will raise awareness about this problem and encourage the city to do something about it.
Q: What can be inferred from the conversation?
(a) The woman is upset.
(b) The woman wants to clean up the garbage.
(c) The man doesn’t believe the woman.
(d) The woman is feeling hopeless.
정답 : (a)
*be so fed up : 질렸어요!
 2013년 02월호 월간텝스 LC 42번문제 
M: Cynthia, you've written a lot of scenarios, right?
W: Yeah. I've written lots of scenarios for romantic comedies. Why do you ask?
M: I was wondering if you wanted to write scenarios for thrillers.
W: Scenarios for thrillers? Sounds interesting, but do you think I can write a good one?
M: Well, you can never know until you try it.
W: OK, then, I'll give it a try. Maybe I can come up with a good scenario.
Q. Which is correct according to the conversation?
(a) The woman is willing to write in a different genre.
(b) The man has written a lot of scenarios for thrillers.
(c) This is the first time for the woman to write a scenario for a romantic comedy.
(d) The man thinks that the woman is an incompetent writer.
정답 : (a)
*give it a try : 시도하다, 한 번 해 보다
 2008년 10월호 월간텝스 LC 21번문제 
W: Do you want to join me for lunch?
M: I have to meet my accountant first.
W: How long will that take?
M: ___________________________
(a) Will you wait for me at the cafeteria?
(b) Why don’t I call you when I’m done?
(c) No, it’s not very far away.
(d) Tomorrow might work better.
정답 : (b)
*want to join me for ~ : 나와 함께 ~ 할래요?
 2011년 12월호 월간텝스 LC 28번문제 
W: What do you say to some Thai food for dinner?
M: I’m not a big fan of Thai. We could order pizza.
W: I’m really in the mood for some oriental food.
M: ______________________________
(a) So we’re agreed. Pizza it is.
(b) We could order Chinese.
(c) I guess we’ll skip lunch.
(d) Let’s go to Thailand, then.
정답 : (b)
*What do you say to ~? : ~하는 거 어때?
 2006년 02월호 월간텝스 LC 32번문제 
W : Hi, Tony. How are you doing?
M : Oh, hello, Jenny. Good. I'm leaving for Japan this Saturday.
W : But you promised to proofread my paper this weekend.
M : Oh, that's right. It slipped my mind.
W : Please don't let me down again. I am counting on you.
M : Well, my plane leaves at night, so I will help you in the morning.
Q : What are the man and the woman doing?
(a) Criticizing Tony's paper.
(b) Preparing for their trip to Japan.
(c) Finding fault with each other.
(d) Talking about Saturday's plan.
정답 : (d)
*let down : 실망시키다
 2012년 05월호 월간텝스 V 30번문제
Analysts point out that military intervention can _____________ an already bad situation.
(a) revise
(b) compromise
(c) exacerbate
(d) deface
정답 : (c)
*revise : 수정하다
 It`s TEPS 완전개정판 GVR p339_2
Heavy rains __________ excavation work at the Nigeria plane crash site.

(a) expatriate
(b) disrupt
(c) soothe
(d) reverberate
*disrupt : 방해하다
 2003년 12월호 월간텝스 V 24번문제
A : This dishwasher is on sale at the wholesale price.
B : I wonder what the __________ price was.
(a) reduced
(b) resale
(c) refund
(d) retail
정답 : (d)
*retail : 소매의
 2012년 12월호 월간텝스 V 24번문제
A: I have heard the grammar book is a definitive guide to English grammar. But the book has one thousand pages!
B: If you don't have much time, try reading a(n) ____________ version of the book.
(a) reprieved
(b) engulfed
(c) truncated
(d) procreated

정답 : (c)

*truncate : 길이를 줄이다, 짧게 하다
 2007년 06월호 월간텝스 V 43번문제
Wright State University's research biologists studied birds to learn how our stomachs _________ thoughts of hunger.
(a) respect
(b) prove
(c) convey
(d) correct

정답 : (c)

*convey : (소식·통신·용건을) 전달하다; (소리·열 등을) 전하다
 2010년 12월호 월간텝스 V 44번문제
Asia, Europe, and North America are all witnessing _____________ in fireflies due to the development of artificial lights that make it difficult for them to mate.
(a) decelerations
(b) downfalls
(c) debits
(d) declines

정답 : (d)

*decline : 감소(하다)
 2010년 07월호 월간텝스 V 41번문제
Too many old, unwanted household items that could be reused or recycled are simply ______________.
(a) assessed
(b) inspired
(c) discarded
(d) enclosed
정답 : (c)
*discard : 폐기하다, 버리다
 2000년 09월호 월간텝스 V 7번문제
A : Did you say you need that file in a few hours?
B : No, I need it _______. Get down there and get it for me immediately.
(a) on the fly
(b) over the top
(c) put aside
(d) right away

정답 : (d)
*over the top : 과장하여
 2007년 11월호 월간텝스 V 23번문제
A : I think the existing law for child sexual exploitation is too lenient.
B : You bet. We need a more _________ one.
(a) impeccable
(b) stringent
(c) amicable
(d) scrupulous
정답 : (b)
*stringent : 엄격한
 2012년 06월호 월간텝스 V 46번문제
The event organizers had to come up with various ways to _____________
expenses because the admission fees were too low.
(a) obfuscate
(b) defray
(c) lacerate
(d) inculcate

정답 : (b)
*inculcate : 심어주다
 2009년 02월호 월간텝스 V 45번문제
The jury ____________ the defendant, concluding that the defendant did not breach the contract.
(a) exonerated
(b) expatriated
(c) augmented
(d) subjugated
정답 : (a)
*exonerate : 무죄를 선고하다
 2009년 05월호 월간텝스 RC 32번문제
Greek philosopher Plato & Socrates
Plato was a pupil of Socrates, the ancient Greek philosopher who was condemned to death for publicly expounding his ideas. Rather than plead for mercy, Socrates drank the hemlock he was given and died. Plato was 29 years old at the time of his teacher’s death. Socrates did not record his concepts, but fortunately, Plato wrote down Socrates’ Apology to the jury as well as the discussions Socrates had had with Plato and others. These discussions reveal how Socrates elicited profound ideas from his interviewers by gently questioning them in such a way that they were forced to accept the conclusions finally arrived at. This practice is referred to this day as Socratic dialogue.
Q: Which of the following is correct about Socrates?
(a) He and other students of Plato usually held profound discussions.
(b) His ideas remain with us thanks to records kept by one of his pupils.
(c) His Apology to the Jury is a fundamental part of Socratic dialogue.
(d) He often forced his interviewers to answer a series of questions.

정답 : (b)
 2012년 09월호 월간텝스 RC 15번문제
연결어 Nevertheless
Many art historians do not consider Edgar Degas an Impressionist. For instance, Carol Armstrong regarded him as anti-impressionist. Degas himself refused to be characterized as an Impressionist. He explained that his art was the result of his efforts to follow great masters and describe spontaneity. _________, Degas can be considered an Impressionist in many ways. This is largely because his artistic style, especially his experiments with color and form, closely resembles that of Impressionists.
(a) Therefore
(b) Consequently
(c) Indeed
(d) Nevertheless
정답 : (d)
 2011년 02월호 월간텝스 RC 10번문제
After a three-year study of 150 nations, we concluded that there are now more than 1 billion overweight and 300 million clinically obese adults. While we expected that the most serious increases would be found only in the developed world, our findings often proved this not to be the case. Increasingly, people in the developing world are eating larger quantities of cheap food that leave them feeling full, but do not provide them with proper nutrition. As a result, we came to learn that the obesity epidemic is _____________________________________.
(a) often the most serious in the developing world
(b) due to countries exporting less food than before
(c) starting to show a decline in some world regions
(d) not as bad as we had originally assumed it to be
정답 : (a
 2007년 10월호 월간텝스 RC 34번문제
stem cell
Stem cell research is being used to find treatments for people with a history of heart attacks and strokes. While stem cell research has been the cause of much controversy in the past due to the use of stem cells from fetuses, these new treatments focus on the patient's own stem cells. At this point, the research is only in its initial phases, but heart attack and stroke sufferers are welcoming the research, and hope to see new treatments available soon.
Q: Which of the following is NOT correct according to the above passage?
(a) Stem cell research has been criticized for using fetuses.
(b) Stroke sufferers could benefit from research advances.
(c) The treatments are not yet available to patients.
(d) New research offers a cure for heart attack patients.
정답 : (d)
TEPS 정기시험 적중률 분석 리스트
 2013년 04월정기시험(첫번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2013년 03월정기시험(첫번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2013년 03월정기시험(두번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2013년 02월정기시험(첫번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2013년 02월정기시험(두번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2013년 01월정기시험(첫번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2012년 12월정기시험(첫번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2012년 11월정기시험(첫번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2012년 10월정기시험(첫번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2012년 09월정기시험(첫번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2012년 09월정기시험(두번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2012년 08월정기시험(첫번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2012년 08월정기시험(두번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2012년 07월정기시험(첫번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2012년 06월정기시험(첫번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2012년 05월정기시험(첫번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2012년 05월정기시험(두번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2012년 01월정기시험(첫번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2011년 12월정기시험(첫번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2011년 11월정기시험(첫번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2011년 10월정기시험(첫번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2011년 10월정기시험(두번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2011년 09월정기시험(첫번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2011년 08월정기시험(첫번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2011년 08월정기시험(두번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2011년 07월정기시험(첫번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2011년 06월정기시험(첫번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2011년 05월정기시험(첫번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2011년 04월정기시험(첫번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2011년 03월정기시험(첫번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2011년 03월정기시험(두번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2011년 02월정기시험(첫번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2011년 01월정기시험(첫번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2011년 01월정기시험(두번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2010년 12월정기시험(첫번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2010년 11월정기시험(첫번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2010년 10월정기시험(첫번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2010년 09월정기시험(첫번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2010년 08월정기시험(첫번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2010년 08월정기시험(두번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2010년 07월정기시험(첫번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2010년 06월정기시험(첫번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2010년 06월정기시험(두번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2010년 05월정기시험(첫번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2010년 04월정기시험(첫번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2010년 04월정기시험(두번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2010년 03월정기시험(첫번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2010년 03월정기시험(두번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2010년 02월정기시험(첫번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2010년 01월정기시험(첫번째)과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2009년 12월정기시험과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2009년 11월정기시험과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2009년 10월정기시험과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2009년 09월정기시험과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2009년 08월정기시험과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2009년 07월정기시험과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2009년 06월정기시험과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2009년 05월정기시험과 월간텝스 분석 예시
 2009년 04월정기시험과 월간텝스 분석 예시
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